Why Independent Research?

Our commissioned research business meets the rigorous criteria of “independence”, as opposed to “pay for play” or “promotional” research which is widely prevalent in the industry. As such our firm abides by additional conditions with respect to our financial services licence in both jurisdictions to ensure our team delivers unbiased and rigorous work outputs that can be relied upon by Financial Advisors as a basis for statement of advice to retail clients - and of course is auditable. The process with respect to independence is disclosed in our standard form disclosures in every research publication.

IIR provides “non-dealing” research, which after recent regulatory changes has meant that our research is valued for not only its non-promotional style (which is opposite to a Broker’s note which is suited to their role and therefore their justification for dealing research), but also for its content that is removed from any capital raise bias or fees such as stock options or the like. Our research-only licence means that our research is not linked to any dealing or capital raising, and is subject to regular audits by the regulator.

We have offices in New York and Denver close to tbe mining and financial centres in the USA.

Our motto is to “Protect and Promote Informed Investment.”

Our goal is to produce research that observes all FINRA rules and serves the best interests of a well informed market.

We distribute worldwide to institutional, retail, corporate and other researchers at various brokerage houses and banks who engage us to do research. We are licenced with FINRA.

We are well connected electronically on all the major distribution sites including Bloomberg, S and P, Capital IQ, and Reuters.

Most importantly we know the corporations who will be interested in joint ventures, minority stakes, and their executives many of whom are looking for personal employment and investment opportunities.

We do not get involved with investor relations however we collaborate with Investor Relations Professionals and support their activities with well informed research.

We attend most of the major events and are happy to support corporate presentations at these events.

Our research is detailed, in depth and designed to be read by a well informed audience with insights and information that many others may have missed.

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